Cath Lab Math

  • Patient Demographics:

    Body Surface Area (BSA)=0

    Body Mass index (BMI)=0 kg/m²

  • Cardiac Output – Fick
    Obtain this answer using a linked calculator
    Normal values:
    Cardiac output: 4-8 L/min 
    Cardiac index: 2.5-4 L/min/m² 
    Stroke volume: 60-100 ml/beat
    Stroke volume index: 33-47 ml/beat/m²
  • Valvular Calculations
    Aortic valve area (Gorlin equation)
    Aortic valve area (Hakki equation)
    Mitral valve area (Gorlin equation)
    Mitral valve area (Hakki equation)
  • Vascular Resistance
    Pulmonary vascular resistance:
    Normal PVR : 150 to 250 dynes/sec/cm⁻⁵
    Systemic Vascular Resistance (SVR):
    Normal SVR : 1000 to 1300 dynes/sec/cm⁻⁵
    Transpulmonary Gradient:
  • Shunt Calculations
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