Radiation Safety


The JMH cardiology radiation badge is to be worn by the fellows at all times during working hours at all hospital sites:  

1. Jackson Memorial Hospital
2. University of Miami Hospital
3. Veterans Administration Medical Center

Jackson Memorial Hospital Cath Lab provides the radiation badges for all cardiology fellows.  They will be handed out to the new incoming fellows on their first week of training in our programs.

1. Radiation badges are replaced monthly.

a. A new monthly badge on the first week of the month will be clipped on the cardiology fellows’ personal mailbox located in the JMH Fellows’ Room in the Central Bldg. 4th Floor (cath lab area).

b. The one-month old used badges are to be clipped by the fellows on their mailboxes when they pick-up the new badge. The used badge can also be handed directly to Regina Fuderer.

c. Regina Fuderer can assist you with any questions on this link you might have about the radiation badge.  Her office is located in the cath lab holding area – Rm. C404G.

2. Radiation badges are to be worn on the collar or at chest level on the outside of the lead apron

3. Female Fellows:  If you are pregnant, you will be issued an additional Embryo TLD badge to be worn at waist level and “under the apron”.  Please contact Regina Fuderer (C404G) in the cath lab to obtain this additional radiation monitoring badge for the fetus.

4. Lost badges:  There will be a $25 fee for each unreturned radiation badge at the end of each month monitoring period (these are reusable badges that will not be replaced by the department).

If you have any Radiation Safety issues or any questions about the Radiation TLD Badge, please contact Radiation Safety Officer:

Henry Menendez at 305-243-6360.

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