IT Support

Systems that you WILL need access to during your Cardiology Fellowship. Below are forms for requesting access or links for getting help with each system.

University of Miami Hospital

Jackson Memorial Hospital

Miami VA

  • vha08 Domain Log-in (for logging into computers)
  • iSite – (See Dr. Rosenthal)
  • Powerscribe – (See Dr. Rosenthal)
  • Muse ECG – (See Miguel)
  • VA Citrix (Remote Access, Need to e-mail Dr. Rosenthal for access. Expires every 90 days if you don’t use it.)

Receptionist: 305-243-6475
Hours: 830am – 500pm, M-F
Help Desk: 305-243-5999
Hours: 24/7
General fax: 305-243-6417
Admin. fax: 305-243-2622


Accessing Cerner from home:

To access Citrix from home, download this first:
and install it. This is for citrix. Restart your computer afterwards.

Then go to and log in. Once you log in for the first time you will ask you if you want to install network connect. Click on YES! Otherwise if you see the UMiami web-page try typing in Jacks in the address bar like you normally would on campus. If that doesn’t work then return to the Umiami web-page and click on the home tab of the menu bar, usually within the webpage in the upper right or left hand corner of the page. Then type in jacks in the address bar within the page. Everything else should run the same. I will include pictures to guide you in the near future.

Mandatory Trainings:

JMH Jackson Education Network:

The modules for Jackson Memorial Hospital mandatory training can be accessed on Jackson Education Network (JEN)

  • Once you are on the JEN Log On page you will see:
    • Username*   Enter Your Complete email address (try with and with out
    • Password*    Enter Your Badge number
  • If you have problems logging in please email [email protected] and ask for you password and log-in to be emailed to you.
  • Once you have logged in click on My Leaning Plan 
  • Complete all the courses listed under My Required Learning
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